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The Worship of God

These of us who're frequent worship leaders know this feeling: In morning, it is early and also you never feel well, however you might have a duty for the Lord, the Pastor plus the congregation to be leading worship, and undertaking it nicely. Even effective Worship City Nights face days like this, and, because I had certainly one of these on Sunday final, I'd like to encourage these of you who face the week in, week out worship major that we desperately need to produce sure doesn't turn out to be a grind!

There are several factors why, when we face the prospect of worship top, we can really feel down. It can be as simple as coming off a late evening, feeling attempted or sick or simply plain worn out, suitable through to getting key events affecting our sense of joy, factors like marital problems, the death of a close friend or perhaps a fight with a person inside your band just ahead of you go on.

In my case it was undoubtedly a late evening, a trip to a nearby city which left me feeling tired, lethargic in addition to a bit down or depressed when it come to worship leading.

Uninspired was possibly a good word, and I looked about in the other individuals in my worship team, realized I was going to possess to carry numerous of these guys because their capacity was not excellent, but then I saw a thing else. They too were tired and lethargic. Maybe it was catching!

I prayed and asked the Lord to help, and I realized that, when we are weak, He's strong (2 Cor 12:ten). I recognized again that this whole profession of worship major is just not about me, and how I really feel, it's about Him! I took a fantastic, extended look at myself, and realized that in reality I'm only a servant, not a singer, not a guitarist and absolutely not a star! I recognized that, regardless of how I felt internally, that I needed to change my attitude and continue to serve, no matter what the price.

And then the Lord started to move with terrific energy, firstly in my own heart, and after that in the hearts with the singers and musicians. I shared my struggle with them briefly, and we paused to pray together and give the morning to the Lord. Whether or not we use our hands, feet or voices, all of us primarily use out hearts, and this really is the correct attitude to worship major as a servant.

And so the worship major started, and just about in the incredibly initially note you could sense the presence from the Lord, and His delight at our transform of heart, and at our selection to complete our finest irrespective of what we felt in the time. In our weakness, He proved Himself powerful, and we have been rewarded with a fantastic and incredibly intimate time of worship leading.

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