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PIGSODUS - an indie RPG with more than 25-hour gameplay announced by Psylocibe Games







Psylocibe Games, a fresh face around the game development industry, announced its debut project PIGSODUS, a full-scale RPG with over 25-hour gameplay planned. PIGSODUS will recall the classic RPG’s and adventure games with lovely pixel two.5D graphics, mind-breaking puzzles and lively, humorous dialogues. KICKSTARTER GAMES The story will be non-linear with numerous alternatives of each strategic and moral significance also as several side-quests affecting the ending. The principle character will probably be Horace Oinkstein - a pig on a mission to save his loved ones. He will be shaped by a player through a three-skill levelling technique to match the player’s style to fight, charm or talk himself out of problems. Featuring quite a few anthropomorphic animals, the game will introduce a “real-world wonderland”, exactly where spiritual powers mingle with technologies. PIGSODUS are going to be targeting the adult audience only, as it will tell a mature story also as feature graphic violence and explicit dialogues.



The game came to creator’s minds, when a single day day saw a film about a pig attempting to fight its way out of a butcher’s truck on a motorway. That animal’s sheer will to survive was the inspiration to make the protagonist and later the story.

About Psylocibe Games Psylocibe Games is definitely an independent game studio based in Cracow, Poland. It was founded by Piotr Lipert (CEO) and Sawa Bialczynska (graphic designer) to “put which means and exhilaration back into gaming”, as stated by Piotr Lipert himself. PIGSODUS would be the debut title with the studio, which plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign to finance the project.


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