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AUCTION AND Artwork Honest Arranged Concurrently IN TOWN


The Poly Macau Artwork Auction is remaining held once again until right now in the Regency Art Hotel. The groups contain Chinese and Asian Fashionable and Up to date Artwork, Wonderful Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy, Chinese Ceramics and Operates of Art along with Jewels and Status Collections.

Masterpieces of Chinese modern artwork maestros will probably be displayed to signify the most important developments of Chinese contemporary art record, including Wu Guangzhong’s “Snowscape in Beijing”, which is estimated for sale at HKD14 million up to HKD28 million.

Other items such as Chinese ceramics and art pieces, which include those from the Ming and Qing Dynasties, bronzes, lacquers, Buddhism figures, and good stationery are going to be up for auction.

A Cloisonne-Enamel Ram Vessel, Zun, estimated to be worth between HKD3.2 million to HKD4.5 million is also available for purchase by interested collectors.

This is the second Poly Macau Art Auction, following the first auction structured earlier this year.

Sabrina Ho, director of Poly Macau and daughter of Stanley Ho and Angela Leong, said that the event is co-organized by Poly Macau and Chiu Yeng Culture. “I hope that a series of cultural events [organized by the two companies] can bring to Macau new aspects that will allow to carry on the diversification of the economy,” said Ho, who also expects that artists and artwork collectors worldwide will continue to support Macau as an art platform.

“We will continue to bring Macau more diversified cultural activities, and [will support] Macau to build itself as a global art platform,” said Ho and “hopefully that Macau can become a well- known art capital in the future.”

Regency Hotel opened in 1983 and has suffered from past business closures. Ho, however, hopes to transform it into an artwork hotel. “In Macau, there might be many resplendent big hotels, but the number of hotels which are used for artwork or even some creational events is, in fact, not too great,” said Ho.

At present, Regency Hotel is not running any casinos, which, according to Ho, creates a different atmosphere compared to other hotels. She also thinks that guests staying in this hotel are more “private.”

The “6075 Macau Hotel Art Fair” will be held at the Regency Hotel until November 27. A total of 60 exhibition halls will probably be arranged to display art pieces from 60 artists born after 1975.

Ho claims that only a few hotels are willing to provide young people rooms and to invite young people to design the rooms for them. Julie Zhu

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