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Sabrina Ho: could keep co-auction all over again following quarter


Sabrina Ho Chiu Yeng, director and chief executive officer of Poly Auction Macau Restricted (Poly Macau), explained on the sidelines of yesterday’s press conference that Poly Macau might keep another co-auction in the coming quarter.
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Poly Macau and Poly Hong Kong Restricted will jointly maintain the first co-auction from April 1 through to April 4 this year at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong.

As it is the first co-auction to be held by the group, Ms. Ho remarked that further planning can only be determined after the event has been reviewed.

The co-auction will feature works by contemporary artist Zeng Fanzhi, with the art pieces being displayed at the Gallery of the Regency Art Hotel in Taipa.

According to Ms. Ho, since the founding of Poly Macau in 2015, some 150 items have been auctioned via the group.

Auctioned items have included antiques, jewellery, oil paintings, literati paintings and others.

The deputy general manager of Poly Macau, Christina Chang Yiqing, revealed that antique auctions in Macau are the least popular when compared to other types of auctions featuring items such as jewellery and paintings.

Poly Macau was founded by Poly Auction Hong Kong Restricted and its partner in Macau, Chiu Yeng Cultural Constrained.

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