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Football Agents


The role of a soccer agent would be to help market their client in order to maximise their commercial potential whilst also protecting their wants in contractual negotiations with their clubs or even wanting to assist a transfer to another club. The broker will lead to discussions on their customers behalf with supervisors, club manager's and lawyers whilst advising their client on options available. The broker will also be heavily involved in handling their clients public relations matters, financing and taxation.
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The role of the agent has taken off in accord with the success of the English Premier League, clubs yearning and competing for the very best players whilst having substantial wage budgets due to SKY TV money has intended the power has moved from clubs to players, of course this was magnified from the landmark Bosman ruling that means players may move freely at the conclusion of their contract. This ability in the hands of players has given agents an opportunity to maximise their customers positions.

It is clear that brokers are valuable to the athletes. The broker brings skills that the soccer does not have such as people in business, advertising, finance and law. Professional soccer is a short career and these guys are at the very elite of their profession and thus want to earn as much cash as they can in this time period. In that respect it's no different in the elite of any other professions, bankers or attorneys for example.

But are agents great for football? This question is much more challenging to answer and in most cases is very likely to deliver a negative response. The most important advantage to the sport is the way in which they have helped to advertise the sport through their clients, the general public appeal of characters like David Beckham brings increased revenues, media attention and interest to the sport. However there is a darker aspect to the game that's amplified by the agents. In any industry with massive financial resources there'll be some who seek to extract a share of the resource. Not by the author of this article, but it's been leveled that agents involve themselves in the transfer of players behaving as "middle men" who take a massive amount (rumoured to be millions of pounds) for organising player/club talks. The very recent example of the demise of Portsmouth FC has shown enormous debts in the area of 140million, a huge proportion of this will be down to payments to brokers, with an even larger percentage being due to the astronomical salary paid out, no doubt in part affected by agent requirements. Whilst agents can not in anyway be completely blamed for this situation it's perhaps a pertinent illustration of the direction the game has taken and also the function that agents hold in the modern game.

Whether individuals decide that agents are great for the sport or not, it's clear that they have experienced a significant part in creating the game to the advertising success it currently is, it is clear that they are here to stay, perhaps their role may change later on if legislation enforces it from the Football institution but the monetary benefits they bring to their clients means that the players will be keen to keep their agents.

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