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How to Take Look After Strawberry Plants


Good care for berries plants is essential although growing strawberries is not a much difficult task. The process for care of strawberry plants largely depends upon the sort of strawberries you would like to produce, so first of all you need to decide upon the same so that the strategy can be phased out.
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June bearing strawberry plants and day neutral plants of strawberry are the two broad kinds of strawberry plants.

Once you select upon the strawberry type, it will become easy for you to follow instructions on appropriate maintenance and care for your plant. The difference in strawberries is in increasing only and all strawberries looks alike so it's not feasible to differentiate between them by looking at them.

A proper plantation of the plant is the first step in care for a strawberries plants. A gap of about 12 to 24 inches is necessary for plantation of June bearing strawberry crops while in the case of day neutral strawberry plants, the gap can be maintained at about 8 to 12 inches. Good protection of plants from the end and ample sunlight at the location of plants is important for producing fantastic results.

For ensuring great yields for years to come, it is crucial that appropriate care for the plants is taken at the very first season of harvesting. In the first season, strawberry crops need proper trimming. Pinching the bottom of the stem with fingernails even before the blossoms open can have a long-lasting influence on the plant. The mother plant is going to be strengthened with great trimming in the very first season.

For becoming beautiful and large strawberries, you must make certain you space the runners properly which are produced after 5 to 6 months of plantation. The mother plant shouldn't be burdened with boundless daughter plants and their number should be restricted to a max of 6. Low productivity and more disease are the results of large number of runners from a plant.

Hand weeding the strawberry crops is one of the very best parts of appearing after the strawberry plants as proper weeding can ensure good yields. Watering the plants at the morning may save them from diseases and also you need to ensure approximately 1 to 1.5 inches of water each week to your strawberry crops.

Renovating the strawberry bed following harvesting also has an important role in strawberry cultivation. Adding appropriate fertilizers after widening the rows, cutting the leaves and thinning the plants will mean good care for strawberry plants.

There's absolutely no reason why you will not enjoy delicious strawberries for years to come if you put in a bit hard work in taking care for strawberries plants.

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